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Reminder of event FC Static Raid Group 1 on 2018-01-18 09:00:00 pm
Raid evening for the FC Static - Group 1
Mishu OgunHappy Birthday, Rei! Enjoy your great day :)
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Clarence CampbellHey guys, thanks for taking me back :d get some money tommorow so I'll be playing more then (free time ran out) but sadly I won't be able to join you for higher level activities because I need to grind to lvl70!
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Mishu OgunHappy Birthday, Kyara! Have a great day :)
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Tyrian   created a new thread A New Year, A New Era in the News & Announcements forum
TyrianAs we have people in different timezones i'll wish you all a happy new year now. Hope you had a great 2017 and wish you an even better 2018.
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Eadwin Bash   created a new thread XMAS in the Relax 'n Chill forum
TyrianSite Launched for 4.2
**Potential Spoilers Warning**
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TyrianThanks to all those who came along to the Christmas hide and seek event.

Many Congratulations to Fara who won both rounds and Lucretia, Saphi and Kyah who were runners up.

A Merry Christmas to you all. <3
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Mishu Ogun   Thanks for making us such a great joy!
Tyrian   created a new thread Christmas Hide & Seek Event in the Upcoming Events forum
TyrianThanks to Kalli for organising the Scavenger Hunt last night, and to those who helped out and participated. Had a good time and gratz to the Winners Rei, Fara and Kyah. :)
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Artemis   registered to Behemoth's Claw
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TyrianHappy Birthday Bob, i mean Miah. ;) hope you have a fantastic day. <3
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TyrianHappy Birthday Askyra, hope you have a great day. :)
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J'axxHe's kept it a secret on the site to be a sneaky sneak, but HAPPY BIRTHDAY BIG BOSS TYRIAN. Have a good day lad <3
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Tyrian   Thanks Jaxx <3
Tyrian   Also, I wasn't really keeping it a secret or anything, just the enjin Birthday module is still showing a day late.. No idea whats wrong with it. :/
J'axx   Oh! There we go, apparently today is your birthday x)
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