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Mishu Ogun   created a new thread A new Lease of Life in the General discussion about FFXIV forum
TyrianHappy Birthday to Misha, hope you have a great day.

Plus belated birthday wishes to Faraway, Happy Birthday for Wednesday.
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Misha Miya   It's not until tomorrow but thanks, website is being a derp and showing it today for some reason. :p
Tyrian   Hmm yeh the enjin calender and birthday module have seemed buggy for a while now. Soo ooops. :p
Solas   created a new thread Head count for planned glamour competition! in the Polls forum
Soleania Lothan'i[link]
The easy way to save screenshots, GIFs, and websites. Make everyone happy by sharing smarter, faster, and with your point crystal clear.
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N'peckhi Kurah'aHey, can anyone hook me up with a decent supply of Ivory Sole and Motley Beakfish? Not much of a Fisher and they're pretty pricey, but if I can get my hands on them I should be able to pump out Persimmon Leaf Sushi (hopefully in HQ, but I'll have to see) about as fast as I can farm Doman Yellow.

Additionally, if anyone has any Pipira Pira spare, I'd love some - I should be able to use Baked Pipira Pira as a stopgap raid food while I sell any HQ Sushi to recoup the ~1.5m I went and bust to be able to make it, it's just that my stocks were running low at the end of 3.X and I never sat down and made another few hundred.
Saphi O'finnegain   I have 9 HQ baked pipira pira left over that i'm likely never gonna use due to a plentiful supply of jellied compote, so while it's not much you're welcome to it ^^
N'peckhi Kurah'a   Sure thing, if you've no need of it chuck it in the FC Chest sometime, and whenever my leftovers run out I'll pick it up and use it, if nobody else has.
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TyrianTemporarily removed the Raid Progress section from the right of this page. Looks like Enjin tired to update it to allow the Deltascape raids and Stormblood Primals but f#cked it up. Will add it back once it's fixed.
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Tyrian   Yay, this has now been fixed.

A note on this in case anyone was wondering. we only track clears as being done Synced with a full FC party. Hence our current planned attempt to get 24 together for the Alliance raids.
So PLEASE join up if you haven't already.

If any group clears something on here not ticked off. Let myself or the HGs know and we'll update it :)
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TyrianWe've had more interest recently in PvP with the Stormblood changes. So trying to organise anyone interested in doing some groups with the FC on Sunday evenings. (hopefully once people have got normal weekly requirements out of the way)

I hope anyone interested is available to join us. :)
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TyrianI've just added an event for next Wednesday evening (13th) to do the 24 member raids. Please try coming and get as many as we can in the FC all playing together. <3

Depending on how well it goes I'll look to repeat on other Wednesday evenings to work our way through all the 24 member raids this month.
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Behemoth's Claw has reached a new hit record of 57 unique hits today!
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